thoughts about png.

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having thoughts and lapses of png memories. wrote about it a little. -> new blog site. new, better, blog site.

found a better home (like, as in, blog home)

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i really don't know who all reads my blog, but if you do i hope you read this
so i'm done with blogger now. i've graduated wordpress. it's much cleaner and "neat" and kind of the "everybody's doing it" thing. go HERE:


home before tour

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So I just got home (by "just" i mean, 5:30pm, Friday May 8th).  I think I have been letting out big sighs of relief all day.  I moved out of my dorm room and back to my house.  Paige drove up in her monster-of-a-truck vehicle to help.  We took our time, starting at 10:30am-ish and leaving the school at 3:30pm-ish.  Long day of packing in the 83 degree weather, but a good day nonetheless.  I had an ortho appt. immediately after arriving back in Escondido, which was followed by unpacking a little of Paige's truck and some jumping on the trampoline.  Then we headed over to my mom's musical production of Jungle Book Junior, which consisted of a bunch of cute kids (3rd-5th graders) dancing on stage. Very fun.

AND I got to see my missionary Aunt Janie! She came home on account of a death in the family, but it is extremely good to see her again.  She's staying in my room currently and I'm here in the guest room, reflecting.

I thought I'd post a blog about some of the more important things I learned about life, myself, and academics this year as a freshmen.  The Lord completely delivered me through this year, amidst all the late-night studying, classes, work, and stress I experienced this year.  It was such a great year on so many levels and I'm thankful that I was able to attend such an upstanding school such as Azusa Pacific University.  Here are my thoughts:

  1. Being an intentional friend - that is, going out of your way to make time for your friendships - can be a difficult thing.  Maybe I'm just really bad at it, but I don't think I'm alone. (working on it!)
  2. Time management is one of the most difficult things in the whole-wide-world to learn. Every person is different, so you can't just read a book on how to be more productive with your time... you just have to know yourself and hopefully it comes with age. 
  3. I'm a selfish human being in need of grace. And am quite thankful that I have a never-ending source of it. 
  4. The ways in which God challenges you will strengthen areas in your life that will one day become a part of who you are and why you exist (purpose). 
  5. Art is truth displayed in creative ways.  If the art piece (play, painting, abstract, song, sculpture, improv) reveals truth, it is art and is worth your time.  The minute art becomes sin, it is no longer art.  
  6. Bono is a Christian.
  7. The Bible is the most amazing literary-meretited book every penned.  Ever.  I think it would be difficult for people to reject the gospel if they had any idea how perfect all the puzzle pieces fit together.  No human could have schemed such grandiose literature.  It would blow peoples minds if they only knew how insane the Word of God actually is.  More parallelism, anaphora, alliteration, analogy, foreshadowing, etc. then any book ever written.  Yes, even Great Expectations.
  8. Your health SHOULD take precedence over your academics.  If you aren't getting enough sleep, and you lose points on an essay because you decided to sleep and catch up, the exchange is a worthy and acceptable one.  The only way we perform (write, think, interact, study, listen, etc.) to the best of our ability and to the glory of God is if we are healthy.  Our bodies are temples.  We are the stewards of the temple.  We must take care of it. 
  9. "His Years" just might save my financial future.  Lord, please!
  10. The people you meet now are brought into your life for a reason.  Don't waste the time you have with them.
I'd say that's a pretty comprehensive list, right?  And frankly, I can't think of anything else right now.  Also, this list is not limited to 10 items.  There was so much I learned this year, I just don't have space or time to right these things down.

May the Lord bless and keep you.  May he be your portion.  The Lord, he is God.

my unofficial mission statement: mission integration initiative

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In Christianity and the Creative Process, we had to draft our mission statement as it would pertain to an organization that we might want to start in the future. I really desire to work with New Tribes Mission, but decided to come up with an example of an organization I might start if I had the opportunity. This is it!
Mission Statement of the  “Mission Integration Initiative”

A pilot designed to fulfill what is lacking in American churches today; mainly, a firm and substantial relationship between God’s church (as it stands in America) and His Great Commission both at home and abroad, which involves the globalization and preaching of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection in a creative way (a holistic foundational teaching) in the cultural and linguistic context in which it is taught. This is our mission:
1. To Plant and/or Partner with Churches at Home and Abroad
    a.  ABROAD:  It is our mission to present the gospel where Christ is not named in the hopes that the Spirit of God might work in the hearts of the unsaved, that they would come to know him as their personal Lord and savior, both on an individual level and in a broad corporate fellowship of believers. Lord willing, the fruit of this labor would be a newly established New Testament church that is ready and equipped to fulfill their calling at home or abroad as the Lord ordains it.  The goal in this initiative is to establish a church that does not rely on financial backing, but rather is self-sufficient within its own cultural context.  Coupled with this effort, we seek to follow the model set forth by Paul, in establishing mature churches that can then act as agents of change within their own community or in neighboring communities.
    b.  HOME:  It is our mission to partner with churches and work with, aid in, or start a missions department within the church.  We firmly believe that after the revelation of the mystery of Christ, God’s focus of the proclamation of himself dramatically shifted from his chosen people, the Israelites, to the gentiles.  For this reason, the purpose of the church must be focused on reaching out both to the community and (primarily) to the nations.  By the grace of God, we will galvanize a zeal for missions in the emerging church age. This is our hope.
2. To Present a Foundational Approach to the Bible
    a.  GOAL: Within a community of individuals who have no concept of God, creation, redemption, or resurrection, as these pertain to Christ, evangelization must start from the ground up; it must start where God started: in the beginning.   By approaching it from this angle, we hope to facilitate an environment in which a complete understanding of the purpose of the Old Testament is clear and that there is a proper connection/parallel made between the God of the OT and the Christ of the New.   We will also preach the Word chronologically with Christ’s resurrection the center, height, and climax of early church history.
    b.  METHOD:  In order to accomplish the success of this holistic approach, we will labor in our culture and language acquisition so that the gospel message, at its core, becomes a personal one.  With a proper understanding of the arts, rituals, and/or traditions said culture possesses, the more effectively and efficiently we will be enabled to present the gospel.  Without a complete understanding of culture, a misunderstanding or miscommunication has a high probability of occurring. For this reason we emphasize the importance of this facet as it works in conjunction with a foundational teaching.
3. To Engender Excitement and Urgency
    Because we seek to a mend a problem that the church has only since encountered within the last 50 years, specifically a move away from global church-planting missions, we hope that God uses us to evoke and ignite a renewed passion for the spreading of his supreme and sovereign glory to all the nations within the body of Christ both here in the churches of America and abroad in the churches established elsewhere in the world.   In order to prompt this passion, we seek to aim for an awareness of the thousands of unreached people groups in the world through creative media, statistics, and first account testimony from missionaries.   Coupled with this, we will present the overwhelming call that God has placed on all believers through his scriptures.
4. To Equip and Send
    Our prime objective is “to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples”  and for them to adopt this same objective.  That means we must disciple and apprentice those who have been called into this ministry by passing on our methods of cultural and language acquisition and foundational Bible teaching in order that they are equipped and prepared for service so that they may be sent.  In this fashion, Christ’s name will be known to all peoples.

it's late, i'm a little fatigued, and here's a poem that means absolutely nothing.

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so in christianity and the creative process, we had to write 50 pages in our journal for the end of the semester. near the end, i was running out of ideas on what to write about, and this one night in particular, i decided to write whatever popped into my mind and make a poem out of it. i just wrote it down on a sheet of paper, so i'm going to copy it here as if it were written like a poem. i didn't let my pencil leave the paper...aaand here it is:
Walking through a shadowed roof,
I trudged along the banks of gold.
Climbed up all the hill and dale
And took the things I sold.
I sat and pondered life and death,
And all that lies between.
That span of life, lies in a line,
Such a wonderful short dream.

Like daffodils and sunflower seeds,
I drink the night wind in.
I gasp and gaze at camera views
And chuckle at the pin.
Like fireflies go turning about,
So too the badger swings.
Up through the sky a mile high,
It laps it's tired wings.

In candy canes and candy corn,
The corny jokes dissolve.
In pretty jewels and karat rings,
I seem quite unresolved.
The wasted time, the wasted time,
No redemption to be found.
Each ounce of moment in here and now
Sums up quite a pound.

Children laughing, mothers smiling,
Trees tossing back and forth,
I'm tired, I'm weak in need of much sleep,
I'll hibernate, travel north.

My head is full of thoughts that tick,
And some spots just lie dead.
It's in those spots and lazy thoughts,
My conscience turns blush red.
I'm writing nonsense, writing brilliance
With one thing in my head:
Just keep on writing, keep on fighting,
Or else you'll end up where you didn't think you would if you hadn't. =|


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My oh my. I haven't blogged in a while.  REALLY blogged.  Well the topic of this post is somewhat of a broad one and I think I'm going to be jumping all over the place, but that's okay.  I want to start off by saying that this is going to be more of a personal reflection rather than a "try to teach you something" or "try to be exegetical" blog.

Right now it is 7:38am on Easter Sunday Morning.  I was planning on going to the sunrise service that was orchestrated by the college group, famously known as "The Well," at EFCC.  It was a facebook event, and I completely misread it.  It said meet at 6am at 7-11.  It did NOT say meet at 7am at 7-11.  My bad. Well, I'm a little disappointed, but not too much because I think it was God ordained.  He wanted me to blog. =] So here I am, saddened that I missed the beautiful California Sunrise on the most appropriate of days, but content to know that it was not meant to be.

So what am I getting at?  Well in the past week, I have been vacationing in the most awesome place.  A good place of relaxation (ish) and reflection commonly known as Yosemite.  I brought a couple books to read, one being Surprised by Hope. In an earlier post that was written during Christmas break, I criticized the work a little too harshly, quickly reading through it and not paying attention to the important details that Wright has to offer.  Reading this book and paying close attention to detail, I learned so much about Christ and specifically his purpose here on earth as it pertains to the resurrection (I have finally digressed).  What an earth shattering thing, Christ's rising from the dead.  The implications of this event are far greater than I could ever hope or imagine to put into words, but I think Wright does a fine job. 
I want to share some of what I am learning from this book.  It is amazing.  I highly recommend it.  I have not completely finished it yet, but I am close, and it is so good. 
God and the world are not the same thing, nor is everything simply held within something called "god."  Within biblical theology it remains the case that the one living God created a world that is other than himself, not contained within himself.  Creation was from the beginning an act of love, of affirming the goodness of the other.  God saw all that he had made, and it was very good; but it was not itself divine.  At its height, which according to Genesis 1 is the creation of humans, it was designed to reflect God, both to reflect God back to God in worship and to reflect God into the rest of creation in stewardship...Humans were made to be God's stewards over creation, so the one through whom all things were made, the eternal son, the eternal wisdom, becomes human so that he might truly become God's steward, ruler over all his world.  Equally, if you tell the story from the point of view of human rebellion and the consequent sin and death that have engulfed the world, this again emerges as the moment all creation had been waiting for: the eternal expression of the father's love became the incarnate expression of the father's love so that by his self-giving to death, even the death of the cross, the whole creation can be reconciled to God...This is the real cosmic Christology of the New Testament:...a retelling of the Jewish story of wisdom in terms of Jesus himself, focusing on the cross as the act whereby the good creation is brought back into harmony with the wise creator. (pages 94-96)
Did you put all that together?? Wright took 3 pages to explain all that, but I condensed it down and made it more concise.  It took me a long time to read through these pages.  Re-read the bold sections.  Because of Christ's resurrection, the whole creation was reconciled back to God.  I cannot quite explain it how Wright does, but if you do not fully understand what this passage is saying, please ask!  What a magnificent God! What an all loving and forgiving God, that he would become his own creation, love us so much, and be willing to die and defeat death so that we might one day be resurrected in bodily form like he was along with all creation!  That is the implication of his death and resurrection.  Death is the last enemy.  Jesus Christ has defeated it and therefore, we have all the hope in the world! Hallelujah! What love.
The world is created good but incomplete.  One day, when all forces of rebellion have been defeated and the creation responds freely and gladly to the love of its creator, God will fill it with himself so that it will both remain an independent being, other than God, and also be flooded with God's own life.  This is part of the paradox of love, in which love freely given creates a context for love to be freely returned, and so on in a cycle where complete freedom and complete union do not cancel each other out but rather celebrate each other and make one another whole. (page 102)
Wow.  Thank you Jesus. 

I guess I want to confess publicly here.  I have been struggling with selfishness for quite a while.  Selfishness is an awful thing because the way I see it, it plays out in every corner of my life.  My entire motivation is all about me.  The only reason I do things and the only way I look at some situations is by how much I will be benefiting from those situations.  It is is remarkable to me how selfishness manifests itself into so many different areas.  Please, as you think of it, pray for me.

Lord I confess to you my wrongness and my sin.  I have chosen to follow you and in doing so have committed myself to you.  I am not my own.  Forgive me.  Thank you for humbling yourself by entering creation and reconciling it to yourself.   And thank you for your sacrificial love.   You are alive today, and I celebrate and live in the hope that one day I will be raised up to spend eternity with you.   Thank you!

For if the dead are not raised, not even Christ has been raised.  And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins.  Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished.  If in this life only we have hoped in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.  
BUT in fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.  For as by a man came death, by a man has come also the resurrection of the dead.  For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.  But each in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ.  Then comes the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power.
-1 Corinthians 15:16-24

where has all my time gone??

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This is where all my time has gone. God bless it.
1 Corinthians 10:31